The International Association of Time Travelers (IATT) is a self-organized group of time travelers who have established guidelines to follow when traveling through time. The complicated process of time travel has rules we should all abide by.


April 18, 2104
Bulletin 1147




The dilemma with time travel is a simple yet complicated one, and I'll explain it in a complicated yet simple way. Try and follow:

1. Point of departure: The most fundamental point of Chronological displacement. It takes some sophisticated understandings to do "Time Travel".

Firstly, remember you are on a planet. That planet is not standing still. It's rotating at ~1,070 mph. It means if you decide to travel an hour, unassisted, you will be ~1037 miles away from your departure point. Unfortunately that's not the whole story. 

The earth also rotates around the sun, which means in one hour, the earth has moved out of it's current location with ~66,666 miles every hour.

Oh, it get's a little more complicated than that.

The galaxy in which earth and the planets reside is also moving at ~420,000 miles per hour. You can quickly see that traveling through time might be simple...but space (or spatial node orientation) is an entirely different problem.

Don't worry. A (relatively) simple method was devised in the early days of time travel to solve this problem. A on-board computer would measure and track the gravitational strength of the planet of departure (Earth). It's a quantifiable force of relative consistency, thus as you moved through time, instruments would be able to track the intensity of the gravitational pull, and subsequently the relative position of earth as it journeys through space. Adding to this, the relative direction of rotation, the height above sea level, and the known spatial changes as the earth moves, the computer could modify the position of re-phasement relative to it's point of departure. The method of this system is unfortunately omitted under clause 43 of "Knowledge restrictions with regards to Temporal displacement." (4423-3223-54**)

2. Point of entry: Here a simple variable exists. A positive or a negative unit of measure. If you're going forward, you will place a positive value based on the baseline. If you are going back, you will place a negative value to the baseline. If you place the exact same value of departure relative to arrival, the computer will automatically negate your value. If you force the exact same moment, you will collapse on yourself in a glorious anti-matter implosion that levels several city blocks. For obvious reasons, the latter of these options have been excluded from all functional Timedrive blueprints. Additionally, before you get ideas, phase attenuation which would need to match for this catastrophic scenario is an highly regulated technology. **(All attempts at Phonic reversal has been negated since 2 September 1666, London event. This is the only accounted event to be left undisturbed, as aside from it's destruction it is used as a baseline marker because of Tachyon Emissions.)

Getting back to the subject at hand, this value entered has two parts of it. Both complicated but simple. Lets start with the simple example.

You decide to travel 5 years back in time: The computer firstly maps your point of departure based on a 10 axis snapshot. Your current position in all three axii', with pitch, yaw and roll, to determine orientation current to the point of departure. (Phasing back upside down with a 500 pound device is always ill advised) The final point being the Gravitational Field Intensity snapshot on the radial point from the earth's core. (How strong the gravity field is with regards to the distance of the Timedrive from the center of the planet) The 10th point is used to keep the device relative to the position of where the earth will be in a past or future date, thus negating the possibility of phasing back in an open vacuum of space. The computer does the calculation of orientation on arrival, and the Gravity field keeps the Timedrive relative to the position of arrival. There are several other factors that are also taken into account, with regards to temperature, humidity, magnetic field strength and direction, spatial distance from the nominal surface and atmospheric composition. In the case of a Timedrive computer calculating an interference to the point of arrival, a nominal offset will be made laterally up and to an radius of 164 feet.

Phasing will not incur if the position is in-traversable, as in the case of a building or structures taking up the position of re-phasement. Basically you won't be able to phase into a mountain or a building in the past or the future.

3. Phase Attenuation: Time travel (or Temporal displacement) is a method nature uses to negate Paradoxes. It is quite simple. Say "this" reality resonates at a set frequency (measure on the quark frequency). When you travel either forward, or backwards in time, you are essentially exiting the base frequency of your current timeline/reality. This means that once you are in transit (phase), you do not inhibit physical properties of the departing point. Essentially you are not part of "that" reality anymore, and thus, you do not affect it. Think of it as a car remote. Your remote unlocks your car, and only your car. Your remote is set on a frequency that only responds to that remote. If you change the frequency of the remote, even if the remote sends the right passcode, it won't be received by the car, because the car is not set to receive that frequency. The same with traveling. When you depart, you no longer affect that time or that space. For a brief instance you do not exist in any reality, as doing so would probably kill you in the past or the future, either by a arrow passing through the space you inhibit (any object actually, as you are essentially "traveling" at relativistic speeds), or a building girder being installed where you momentarily exist.

Now that you get that concept, lets move on. Say you travel back 70 odd years and kill Hitler. In the baseline timeline (with resonance x for this instance), Hitler did not die by your hand. What happened happened as it was recorded in history. When you travel back 70 odd years and kill Hitler, you are essentially killing him in an alternate reality (with a resonance of y in this case). Esentially, he was killed by you, but also not, because nature allows for multiple versions of the timeline to exist. This allows you to kill yourself, and still travel back to do so without you vanishing because you died in the past. 

Simply put, where you arrive in the past will look, feel and seem like your past, but it is a copy that exist for as long as you inhibit that existence. Once you exit that "phase", none of the effects you enacted are carried forward. Ergo, you don't arrive in the future being a billionaire because of investment bonds you placed in 1839. In that essence, you are a millionaire in the reality with resonance y, but in actuality the baseline with resonance x stayed unchanged. You never existed in the baseline to place the bonds. Ergo, you are not a millionaire in the baseline.

There are exceptions to this tied to Phase Attenuation technologies, but they are highly restricted by the [expunged]. (2453-4451-14**)

In simple Laimans terms, it is essential to keep the baseline timeline un-altered.

4. Traveling forward in time: This unfortunately is an less advised activity as your point of arrival is variable...and when I say variable, I mean highly variable.

If you are traveling from the past, to a point in the future still relative to your past, you are unlikely to experience large defractions with regards to your past experiences, as they are still based on the copy of your past reality...the baseline timeline from which you departed. You can expect events to conclude as they did in the past, relative to multiple points of entry, so long as they are in the past relative to your point of departure.

When you jump forward from your point of departure, the future isn't mapped. It's not jumping in relative terms of the resonance of your phase. It is jumping into variability, and variability is VERY VARIABLE.

Jumping 10 years into the future will land you in once instance where the USSR is ruling the world. The next jump from your original point of departure with the same parameters will land you in a world where China is a new economic powerhouse, and the accepted international language.

Etc Etc...

The simple point I'm trying to make is that the future is still unchecked, and therefore variable to any one of an infinite possible phases. You can never accurately jump forward consecutively without Phase Attenuation. Once again, phase attenuation is HIGHLY RESTRICTED, and banned for the baseline timeline. No one is allowed to jump forward in the baseline. This is the golden mean, and remains unchallenged for several reasons.

Unfortunately, there have been cases that have gone unchecked. [records expunged]

Think of jumping forwards in time as a tree which has yet to sprout it's branch. Because you can't know how the branch will grow without having witnessed it (recorded in the past of the phased reality), the tree will grow different in every single one of the infinite phased future realities. Nature likes to really turn the tables here, and forward jumps are rarely undertaken, except for cases relating to [records expunged].

Research grants are extended periodically to document future attenuations, but they are limited to quarterly rotation and retrieval by [records expunged] Without [expunged] one would have no hope of returning to your own attenuation. Once a jump as been done forward, you cannot jump back to your own attuned phase, as in essence bringing knowledge or technology of the future to the present would change the baseline of that attuned reality. Nature negates that all on herself. Clever nature.

5. Practical application of Time Travel: So one might ask, what is the practical use of time travel, if you cannot change the future, and you cannot change the past. The simple answer is: "Personal observation of eventuality in attuned realities". 

Those who do travel, will meet intellectuals versed in composure and history, with varying degrees of aptitude for their opinions on religion, science and spirituality. They aren't all highly trained scientists or soldiers, savants or saints, but they compose of a wide demographic of observers, who on their own account live a life of relative normality.

When a traveler is an selected applicant based on extensive testing and merit, and after several years of training for the environment he is to inhibit, an offer is made to his counterpart in the attuned alternate reality. The offer comprises of exchanging places. A seamless overlap where the traveler takes the role of himself in said alternate reality. Aptitude is measured beforehand to measure the feasibility of approaching his counterpart, and based on the doppelganger, the offer is extended in a moment where the participant is compliant and composed. For some a library in an adjunct town.

The offer is revised in detail, along with the terms and conditions of excursion.

If the participant from the target phases attenuation is compliant, the switch occurs after 6 to 18 months of training that happens in null-time. A temporary pocket of time where they both exist and can exchange the various memories, mannerisms and aptitudes of one another. On completion, the traveler assumes the life of the target phase self, and he lives in the shoes of his alternate self as well, himself. The original goes on to undergo the same training and the cycle continues in another phased reality to which he is not resident.

In this way time travelers exist among every day people, and they are for the most part un-noticed, less the inhabitant develops a particular distaste for his inhibited existence and attempts to make a notable remark to cause a marker inquiry, as may be the case here. could only speculate. ;)

Ps. If I suddenly vanish of the face of the earth, or have an sudden change of personality, it's probably just a "phase" I'm going through ;) the continuum, and all things, here, now and then. ]TEMPUS (RE)DAX RERUM[ - 8875-4257-1124

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